Monthly Archives: June 2014

Yeah. Nah.

I’ve just been admonished by Pam B, for not paying enough attention to my WordPress page. Fair comment. Between my new (temporary) job, studies, two sick girls and family life in general, something had to give, and that was the writing. But I haven’t abandoned it altogether.

Below is a recent entry of mine in a local flash fiction contest. It is an exercise in conversation, and in Enzed idioms. Needless to say it didn’t come anywhere. Never mind.

“What does that even mean?”

He had a ponytail, a backpack and an American accent; maybe California, definitely west coast.

We were waiting for our buses in a nearly empty station, so we had plenty of time to kill and got to talking. The conversation had started with gidday and meandered from there.

I shrugged. “Yeah. And nah.”

“Do all you guys say it?”

Youse.” I corrected him.

“You… what?”

“Youse. If it’s more than one guy, it’s youse.”

“”You” doesn’t have a plural.”

“It does here.”

Maybe California scrubbed at his face. “Whatever. I mean, geeday I get. That makes sense.”

“What makes sense?”

“You know. Geeday, like in Geeday mate.”

“We’re not bloody Australian. Just gidday.”




“Close enough.”

“But yeah, nah. It’s like you…” and he grinned, “sorry, youse can’t up your minds.”

“Well, did it occur to you that maybe we’re just being polite?”

“Huh? How so?”

“Well, take us right now. Here we are, having a conversation.”


“And you ask me a question.”

“I get that.”

“Well, first thing I’m going to do is acknowledge you. Yeah.”


“Next, I’m going to answer your question. Nah.”

“Ahh… okay.”

“Then, maybe I’ll change my mind. So, yeah again. Yeah. Nah. Yeah.”

“Tell me you’re just pulling my leg.”

“Yeah. Nah.”

“So, let’s see what we’ve got. There’s gudday, there’s youse, and there’s yeah, nah.”


“Is there anything else I should know?”


For a moment he was silhouetted by a pair of headlights, as a bus grumbled and wheezed to a stop outside. Maybe California picked up his backpack. “Well that’s me,” he said and shook my hand. “Y’all have a good day, now.”

I raised my chin in reply, “Churr, bro.”