Been a while


It’s been a while.

I am, yet again, guilty of neglecting this page. Life has been getting in the way again.

Jobwise, I picked up a short-term gig which has just finished and, thankful as I am for the money, it was pretty full-on, with little time for family and fun. Not that I am making any excuses. I’m not here to moan, and you’re not hear to read about it.

Anyway, I still don’t have any fresh material, and combine that with the fact that Gather is now properly dead — I don’t know what that Gather golem of Kitara Media is about — I figured I would re-post a couple of older items from there, here. So, to follow will be Death By Tech, and The Bridge, the City, and Me.

Yeah, a cheat. I know. Whatever. At least it feels like progress. And I’m happy with that for now.



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